*Spoilers of this weeks SD match* Discuss the new storyline & Gail & Melina releases

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*Spoilers of this weeks SD match* Discuss the new storyline & Gail & Melina releases

Post  Admin on Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:28 pm

I wanna make the Wrestling section of CM a place where you can discuss matches and stuff like that too, so let's start with the Beth/Natalya vs the princesses storyline:

I'm absolutely loving this storyline! Even though I was a big fan of both Beth and Natalya as faces, they're probably better heels... And they already had every match possible (except for Tamina and Alicia for Beth) with heels. It'll also mean that both of them will get more screen time which is awesome! I feel like CM Punk actually like woke up the writers which made them use Natalya and Beth. God this is gonna be so awesome :D Now we can have Beth vs Eve and Natalya vs AJ/Kaitlyn. I think Natalya can really get the best out of Kaitlyn if they're gonna have a match. Too bad Gail's released now... Having a Gail vs Beth match now would've actually made sense, sorta.
I did find it weird that Nattie turned on AJ. AJ isn't really a princess like Nattie said... But Kaitlyn isn't either, and AJ is more popular so this would instantly get Natalya heat.

Also on the Melina release: it's so fucking unfair. Gail asked for her release so it's not really unfair...
OMG imagine Melina and Gail going (back to) TNA :D Angelina/Winter/ODB/Jacqueline/Tara/Mickie/SARITA vs Melina/Gail would all be so amazing! Especially Sarita vs Gail would be epic. And maybe we could finally see Melina get Widow's Peaked? xD Or Melina and Madison could have a scream off xD

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Re: *Spoilers of this weeks SD match* Discuss the new storyline & Gail & Melina releases

Post  ElectricMVx on Fri Aug 05, 2011 8:42 pm

I'm sad to see them both leave, but they weren't being used right, I mean Gail was hardly ever on RAW and when she was it was either a battle royal or multi Divas tag.

I hope she doesn't go to TNA, but SHIMMER or WSU.

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